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Es soll jetzt jedes Jahr immer in Q2 ein "Addon" geben und in Q1, Q3 und Q4 ein DLC. Außerdem planen sie vor Morrorwind größere Änderungen bei Cyrodiil, was auch die Performance verbessern soll.

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Looking forward to hearing about the Cyrodiil performance changes that Matt mentioned. Is that coming with the expansion or a later update?
Neither - you can expect to see some changes to Cyrodiil before Morrowind. We'll give everyone more details a little later, and will give certainly everyone a heads up before any changes occur.

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Und noch was aus dem englischen. Falls jemand über die Kosten klagt. Ich find es perfekt auf den Punkt gebracht:
thegreybetween;3749180 hat geschrieben:Thank you very much for the insight into the new content structure. Personally, I think it makes a lot of sense from a business-model perspective (much moreso than your awkward Crown Store push of late), and I find it quite reasonable as a player. This new content scheme binds more of your revenue stream to the quality of the content you are creating, rather than to purely superfluous cosmetic systems, which not only incentivizes you to create content that we're willing to pay for (good for players) but also makes that revenue much more dependable (good for you) than the gamble that is the increasingly exploitative Crown Store.

From a value perspective, I think the system is more fair than the knee-jerk outrage seems to warrant. Let's break it down:

One Year of Full ESO Access
- ESO Plus: 6-month subscription = USD$77.94
- ESO Plus: 6-month subscription = $77.94
- Q2 Chapter Release, Collector Upgrade Edition: $60
Total Annual Cost: $215.88
Average Monthly Cost: (215.88/12) = $17.99

And what do you get for your $18/month?
- Full access to an already vast and robust game world featuring hundreds of hours of content
- A massive new "chapter" update featuring new systems, regions, and play modes each year
- Two new content patches per year (the scope of which is uncertain in light of chapters, but precedent has been good)
- A dungeon-based content patch, which has limited appeal but likely adds new loot/motifs as well
- Full ESO+ privileges: Increased housing item caps, crafting XP/gold/research buffs, costume dyes, etc.
- The Crafting Bag. Seriously, this is almost worth the cost of a subscription alone (IMO)
- 18000 Crowns to use as you see fit - Cosmetic goodies, locking down a DLC you love if you intend to un-sub at some point, gambling for goodies in RNG boxes, etc. That's equivalent to an 83% rebate in in-game currency (if you're inclined to purchase Crowns anyway)
- Periodic fix, QoL, balance, maintenance, and other updates

The same $18 in your entertainment budget gets you what? A movie ticket and some popcorn. A couple of hot, new indie games on Steam that you play for a month and then forget about. 3/4 of a Pathfinder Adventure Path subscription. A badass bacon cheeseburger and a pint. Mmmmm...

Yes, we're being asked to fork out money. Yes, this new scheme is a departure from the previous system where all of the above cost only $12.99 per month. But they're also upping the scope and quality of the content we're getting and working hard to grow Tamriel into a truly vast and immersive experience catering to a wide variety of players. That is definitely worth something.

I'm happy to see a move to relate the price we pay to the content we get. I'd much rather give them $60 for a massive glut of exciting new content (and a bear-summoning class...c'mon!) than the same $60 for a new mount skin and a pack of RNG boxes. Knowing that they're putting the money into making Tamriel a place I want to spend my time makes me far more willing to help out the development of this game by continuing to support it with my wallet.

I, for one, am happy to support our new content-creating overlords.

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Ja, solange die Qualität stimmt ist das schon ok. Ich hoffe nur, dass sie die Arenen auch ordentlich pflegen mit neuen Maps oder Modi und das danach nicht so vor sich hinsiechen lassen wie Cyro zum Teil. Bin auch der Meinung, dass die spätestens dann PVP und PVE unterschiedlich Balancen sollten. Das Argument was dann immer kommt "dann wäre die Hürde zum einsteigen größer" versteh ich auch nicht, das spielt sich doch sowieso völlig unterschiedlich.