Sorry about my English, I hope you can understand it. If you have any question contact me in-game @Carlos2300.

I'm trying to explain from a healing perspective and point out the most critical mechanics, in each trial. And explain my experience level with my healer.

Prioritise as a healer.
1: BIS gear and well prepared for every trial.
2: Keep everyone alive, including my self.
3: Give the bests uptime on buff like warhorn, ele drain, orbs, shards, siphon spirit, Combat Prayer, Elemental Blockade for off balance
4: If I have time I will do some damage, but healing and buff is the priority.

Inside my build:
1: My CP is set different in each trial for best performance.
2: I use Clockwork city food and Max Magicka and Max hp.
3: Mudstone of chose is The Atronach for Magicka recovery.
4: I have minimum 1500 spell power damage un-buff with every healing set, and minimum 2000 Magicka recovery un-buff.
5: I'm a vampire for 10% Magicka recovery.
6: I use Spell power Potion to boost my healing.
7: Alchemy: Medicinal Use. for a longer duration.
8 BIS gear.

Add-ons I use:
1: I use Srendarr to track my buffs.
2: I use raid notifier in every trial, but you can't trust an add-on.
3: One of my favourite add-ons Purge Tracker.
4: I use Alpha Gear to swap gear and skill between the bosses.

Raiding experience and conclusion:

vAA: I'm very confident in vAA vet, Most of the bosses are stack and burn and easy to heal.

vAA HM: I'm confident with vAA hard mode, I can still improve my healing in HM, it depends on the tactic and the team, and my positioning.

vMOL: Is a good challenge, with own responsibility in the various bosses, like twins with colour switch and preyer phase, and will test my skills with healing and communication. Rakkath is a good fight with some proper mechanics, on each pad/platform, like unstable void and meteors, are easy to avoid raid damage with a good tactic and good healing. I'm very confident with vet.

vMOL HM: Most impotent keep yourself alive in HM, but the mechanic to be aware of in HM is the Dark barrage, Meteors, popcorn from the middle, and every pad. I must admit its an intense healing fight for healers :)

vHRC: It's a straightforward trial even on HM with the statue mechanics. I'm pretty confident with this trial.

vHof: I will point out the most important mechanics in this trial for the healers.

First Boss: Hunter-Killer Negatrix & Hunter-Killer Positrox.

There are some fundamental mechanics for healers.

Bleed & Heal debuff on the tank.
The Poison DoTs can be Purge.
Spheres can be interrupted or dodge roll.
The boss will place Shock field under the tank.
Sparkles from the boss, is a dangerous mechanics; it will stun people.
Firebugs: I will block cast healing spring until they're are gone.

Second Bossfight – Pinnacle Factotum.

Centurion with healing debuff can stack ten times, will use Healing Ward to counter this mechanic.

Shades from 75%: I know every 40-45 seconds Boss disappears and gets replaced by four shades standing around the tank. The tank is not allowed to move. Will require a good eye on the tank and group!

Shock Meteors: From time to time Shock Meteors will fall down from the ceiling. They are easily avoidable.

Spin to win Centurion will spawn around execute phase: As a healer, I will need to keep a good eye on off-tank and group.

Refabricated Spider-room.

The boss is a straightforward fight, with a lot of bleed damage.

Reassembly Committee:

I think this is the most challenging boss fight in the whole trial. It requires a high amount of coordination from tanks/healers and then group.

Healing in this fight is intense, with a lot of burst damage on dds, healer, tank.

Reclaimer: Bombers.
Reducer: Has a fire aoe, will need to purge asap, and a heavy attack that deals a lot of damage.
Reactor: will spawn aoe holes around the area.

Assembly General: The boss is a straightforward fight in vet, i have never try HM.

vAS: Is an interesting trial with many mechanics, with individual performance and own responsibility. Saint Felms the Bold and Saint Llothis the Pious takes a lot of awareness, with the Cone attack and the catch mechanic, and good communication from the whole group.
The Last boss is pretty straightforward with no mini-boss up.

vAS + 1: From a healing point of view, I usually kite in the back and keep debuffing the mini-bosses and spheres with Ele drain, and poty. I will normally put the field way back so dds can kite storm of heaven.

vAS + 2 Working on that :) best try 45%

Set I use in vAS 1+2
Shalk Exoskeleton Set: Gain Minor Heroism at all times while in combat, generating 1 Ultimate every 1.5 seconds. Better uptimes on warhorns.
Spell power cure: for more deeps.

I can swap set if needed :)

vSO: Every guild loves this trial :)
From a healing point of view: There will be a lot of poison damage and burst damage, healing spring all the way :)
Unlike the other trials, the last boss is the easiest even on HM.
I'm pretty confident with vSO.

My conclusion:
My raid experience is around 7-8/10 I still need some HM vhof HM, vAS +2.
I'm always trying to get better buff uptimes and understand trial mechanics.

AFG Motto. Mechanics can be discovered. Tactics and a rotation can be taught.

Raiding goals and ambitions:
1: Looking forward to meeting new people.
2: A friendly community.
3: Serious trial and a pleasant atmosphere.
5: A good laugh, when we wipe :)
6: A solid team and a good progression.
7: dedication, ambition, the drive to keep up the progress and improvement.

What I can offer:
1: Iknow good, communication is vital in good cooperation and progression
2: BIS gear, and well prepared for every trial.
3: Trying to understand every death or wipe, to improve my self.
4: Willing to help guildies.
5: Eager to learn.
6: Can handle constructive feedback :)

Name: Carlos
Age: 23
county: Danmark

I've played a lot of oblivion and Elder scroll Skyrim; I like the story and lore. A Friend told me, why are you not trying ESO online. I tried ESO and have played it since.

I like the aspect of ESO can be played as a solo game, and at the same time be an MMO with hard group content.